Orion Video Training Center

The following videos will help you learn and use ORION. Click here to go back to the Orion page.

Orion Summary Presentation

Orion-Video presentation

This five minute video will briefly guide you through the Orion Software.

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Binding Site Generation

Orion-Binding site generation

Here's how, in the 3D viewer, you can use binding site generation.

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Explore Analyze With 3D

Orion-Analyze with 3D

This quick screen-share shows you have the 3D viewer can be used in tandem with the analyze function.

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Discover The Analyze Page

Orion-Analyze page

This short video provides a glimpse of the analyze page, and the settings you can alter.

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Molecules: 3D Viewer

Orion-3D viewer-Molecules

This sheds a glimpse of what you can expect using the 3D molecule viewer.

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How To Login & Activate Orion Datasets

Login and activate

In this short video, explore how to login and activate the Orion software.

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