Multiple solutions are generated and ranked.



Interactive 3D molecular editing in context of electron density.

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  • Graphical query editing including the ability to easily modify the similarity force-field as well as add and remove chemical constraints such as those known to be critical to the SAR under development
  • Graphical interface to facilitate physical property analysis and real-time property filtering of millions of potential molecules
  • Integrated estimation of synthetic accessibility
  • Construction and assessment of new molecule series in a protein active-site
  • Hierarchical organization of the hitlist of analog molecules along with a new graphical interface designed specifically to explore and edit the hitlists
  • Database of over 4 million medicinally relevant fragments provided and utilities to aid users in augmenting this database with novel fragments from their corporate collections
  • Tools for modelers and chemists to communicate their ideas and preferences including favorite molecules list management, molecular annotation, view bookmarking and hitlist subsetting


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