The Orion® Small Molecule Discovery Suite —

Ligand- and Structure-Based Modeling Workflows

The Orion® Small Molecule Discovery Suite

 The Small Molecule Discovery Suite in Orion® provides a complete range of easy-to-use ligand- and structure-based modeling workflows for all your therapeutic project needs, such as increasing the hit rate of your virtual screen, optimizing affinity of lead candidates, and predicting off-target effects.

All functionality is accessible from the convenience of your web browser, making it easier than ever to collaborate, share, and discuss your data with your colleagues in real-time.

With the Orion Small Molecule Discovery Suite, you get:

  • Robust science in easy-to-use workflows: Leverage trusted OpenEye science from ready-to-use Orion workflows (Floes).
  • Convenience: Access drug-discovery modeling workflows for data preparation, modeling, calculations and analysis from a unified web environment.
  • Sketch and Search: Easily perform 2D and 3D search of over 5 billion commercially available compounds, making your large-scale virtual screening faster and easier.
  • Time and cost savings: Save time and money with workflows that are optimized for speed, cloud performance, and cost efficiency.
  • No restrictions: Tackle your most challenging therapeutic projects without licensing restrictions on the number of modeling tasks you perform or the size of your calculations.


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