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Scientific and technical support is provided to all customers on standard (i.e. industrial) support or maintenance contracts. In addition, support is free for all OpenEye Scientific Software evaluation licensees.

No support is provided with an academic license. OpenEye will, at its own discretion and at its own schedule, review the merit of any reported issues, requests for enhancement or questions about usage and deliver a response if appropriate and resources permit. However, if you are interested in a paid academic license that includes support please fill out our commercial inquiry form.

Contact OpenEye Support



When contacting OpenEye Support, please have the following information available to provide:

1. Name and version of the product being used

2. Operating system or platform being run on

3. Description of the issue

  • Steps to reproduce (include input and output files, if possible)
  • What you expected to happen
  • What happened instead

Application vs. Toolkit platforms: Compiler support

For products which are C++ toolkits, the compiler is an important aspect of the platform. Typically the compiler used by the customer must correspond precisely with the compiler used to build the toolkit. As with application platform support, the goals remain the same: to effectively support software users in a dependable way, balancing commercial and technical issues. 

Similarly, toolkits wrapped for use with Python, Java, or other languages will require specificity in the installed development environment.

Due to the use of C++, and the lack or instability of a standardized C++ ABIs on many operating systems, versions of the toolkits are provided for different compilers, and even different compiler versions. Typically, toolkits are available for the system's native C++ compiler, and also for a more current GNU g++ version.



OpenEye Software Bug Report

To report a bug, please contact OpenEye Support at