The Orion platform provides all the tools and data needed to allow calculation, analysis, collaboration, and decision-making in one environment.



Organize protein structural data and assess protein model quality within Orion’s MacroMolecular Data Service (MMDS).



View results from Floe calculations using interactive 3D visualization, 2D plotting and an integrated spreadsheet.

Leverage the Cloud’s computing power and security with ease

All elements of Orion’s cloud-native platform are powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s largest on-demand computing facility, bringing a host of benefits to your molecular design work:

  • Easy, scalable access to tens of thousands of processors
  • Unlimited storage and archiving
  • World-class data security

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Choose how to access Orion


  • Standard set of high-value molecular design tools
  • Pricing per user via a pooled resource
  • Start today with a turnkey solution for your molecular discovery project

Managed Service

• Customize platform based on your company’s needs
• Pricing per user or company via a dedicated stack
• Ongoing user training, methods advice, and custom development

For more detailed information on Orion, check out the links below: