Orion® Frees You To Explore More by Delivering Trusted Science on a Powerful Cloud Platform

  • The Orion platform provides all the tools and data needed to allow calculation, analysis, collaboration, and decision-making in one environment.
  • Organize protein structural data and assess protein model quality within Orion’s MacroMolecular Data Service (MMDS).
  • View results from Floe calculations using interactive 3D visualization, 2D plotting, and an integrated spreadsheet.

Scalable, Secure Amazon Cloud Computing

Orion lets you fully leverage your computational tools by harnessing the power of Amazon cloud computing. With a cloud-native design and a proprietary scheduler, Orion was built to handle even the most demanding computing needs.

  • Get fast, reliable results no matter the workload size or calculation intensity
  • Break free from hardware limitations
  • Eliminate the demands of managing infrastructure and orchestrating calculations
  • Control costs by fine-tuning when and how your calculations run
  • Trust in the security of Amazon and OpenEye

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Accelerated Science and Freedom to Explore

The marrying of OpenEye Science and Amazon Computing accelerates your science and gives you the freedom to explore like never before.

  • Free up time for scientific exploration by using a unified platform thatno more wasted time switching between applications and formatting data
  • Explore research areas previously unattainable because of hardware limitations or compute times
  • Gain new insights by collaborating with colleagues in real time using 2D/3D models, spreadsheets, graphs, plots, and annotations

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"The results that Beacon has achieved using the Orion Platform have been nothing short of amazing…I would whole-heartedly recommend the Orion Platform to anybody that is trying to do any kind of small molecule virtual screening."

Carleton Sage
Vice President of Computational Science,
Beacon Discovery

Select Publications & Presentations

From those who trust the Orion Platform and Science Suites to run their most sensitive and mission-critical projects.

  Virtual Screening in the Cloud: How Big Is Big Enough?
Christoph Grebner, Erik Malmerberg, Andrew Shewmaker, Jose Batista, Anthony Nicholls, and Jens Sadowski.  Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling  2020 60 (9), 4274-4282

 Comprehensive Assessment of Torsional Strain in Crystal Structures of Small Molecules and Protein–Ligand Complexes using ab Initio Calculations.
Brajesh K. Rai, Vishnu Sresht, Qingyi Yang, Ray Unwalla, Meihua Tu, Alan M. Mathiowetz, and Gregory A. Bakken.  Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling  2019 59 (10), 4195-4208.

  On-Demand Webinar: Orion® - OpenEye’s cloud-native platform for molecular design.
Presented by Matt Geballe, VP, Product.

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