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Drug Discovery Consulting Services

Applying computational power to the exploration and analysis of chemical and biological space can streamline the discovery, design, and optimization of new chemical entities. In the hands of experienced professionals, computer-aided drug design expedites hit identification, hit-to-lead, and lead profile optimization to accelerate the delivery of new advanced-lead candidates.

OpenEye’s Consulting Services provide access to a diverse scientific team with many decades experience working in pharmaceutical research. Using OpenEye’s cutting-edge technology, we are able leverage our expertise in informatics, modeling, and molecular design to ensure the success of your therapeutic projects. Together we can tackle your most challenging molecular design needs, in areas such as method development, data management, and ligand- and structure-based drug design.

Our goal is to help you reduce the cost and time of discovering high-quality drug candidates for your therapeutic targets. Leverage our expertise to achieve your drug-design objectives, faster.

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Why work with us?

  • Industry-leading software
  • Proprietary design concepts and tools
  • Highly experienced scientists
  • Strong track record of success
  • Tight integration with allied disciplines

Skills & Expertise

Target Validation

  • Druggability Assessment
  • Cryptic Pocket Detection
  • Active-Site Similarity Searching

Hit-to-Lead Identification

  • Ultra-Large-Scale Virtual Screening of Purchasable Compound Libraries
  • Generative and Focused Library Enumeration and Selections
  • Ligand-Based Drug Design
  • Structure-Based Drug Design

Lead Optimization

  • Focused Library Enumeration and Selection
  • Structure-Based Studies
  • ADME and Toxicology Optimizations
  • Affinity and Free-Energy Predictions
  • Permeability and Stability Studies
  • Off-Target Prediction

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