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Artificial Intelligence

Science-Centered AI at OpenEye

At OpenEye we believe AI methods to be divisible into two classes: transparent, such as random forest and Gaussian mixtures, and opaque such as large language models and graph neural networks.

As a science-first company, our preference is always for the transparent over the opaque. We believe that an effective model is an interpretable model, and that the most valuable models are those that assist users in developing their own intuitions and insights, thereby enhancing human intelligence rather than replacing it.

OE ML Molecule Explainer
With our Molecule Explainer, AI is no longer just a black box. Automatically generated visualizations highlight fragments or atoms in a molecule that contribute significantly to the prediction.

AI to predict molecular properties

Current, well-validated AI methods used with fast to calculate 2D molecular descriptors to predict molecular properties of interest, including solubility and toxicity, are already available on our Orion® molecular design platform.

 In addition to pre-built models, Orion empowers users to develop and validate their own customized models to predict properties of relevance to them.


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3D molecular descriptions and AI

Moving beyond commonly used 2D descriptors to a more physically relevant 3D molecular description.

Using our core strength in the description and handling of molecular shape and electrostatics we provide AI with a more complete and relevant description of molecules than is used in standard methods.


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Shape and Electrostatics
Physically meaningful descriptions of molecular shape and electrostatics enable accurate predictions of molecular properties.
Structure-based design on Orion Gigadock Warp
Calculate, analyze, and visualize your structure-based design results on our Orion cloud-based molecular design platform.

AI-Driven Structure-Based Design

By harnessing the power of machine learning, we have accelerated large-scale structure-based virtual screening by up to tenfold. This innovation paves the way for rapid and efficient exploration of multi-billion molecule databases, significantly enhancing the efficiency and speed of drug development. Unlock new opportunities, discover novel therapeutic candidates, and bring life-saving treatments to patients faster than ever before.


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