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Available Databases

OpenEye provides highly curated and prepared target and ligand databases to expedite your modeling needs.

Orion MMDS1.

Trusted Science.

Ready-for-Search Compound Libraries

Single point access to more than 12 billion stereoenumerated molecules from reputable commercial vendors and public databases, ready for search (Orion Compound Library Collection)

Prepared Protein Structures

Access more than 100,000  pharmaceutically relevant protein structures from the Protein Data Bank (PDB) and AlphaFold, covering more than 16,000 targets; classified by functions, annotated for model quality, and readily prepared for your modeling needs (Orion MacroMolecular Data Service)

Protein Binding Sites

Rapidly compare your query protein binding site against over 200K known and over 2 Million putative protein binding sites for off-target effects or structure-activity relationship transfer (SiteHopper)

Protein-Ligand Database

Carefully curated and validated set of highly reliable protein-ligand structures (Iridium Database)

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