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About OpenEye

We’ve spent more than 25 years pioneering molecular modeling software that vastly increases the potential of your molecular discovery process.

Our focus on the future is apparent in every offering we create, bringing a world of possibility into clear view with unprecedented degrees of science, speed and scale.

Founded in 1997

More than 25 years of
future-focused problem solving

Santa Fe, N.M., USA

Headquartered in New Mexico with offices in Boston; Cologne, Germany; and Tokyo, Japan


More than 140 Employees

One cloud-native platform

OpenEye’s Orion® molecular design platform is the industry’s only Cloud-native solution

Artistic hexagons with scientific images inside.

About OpenEye Scientific

Software as a Science.
Future Focused.

We’re dedicated to problem solving to give you more from the solutions we create, building technology trusted the world over by leading businesses, scientists and academia.

As a team of scientists at the forefront of our industry, it’s in our nature to develop a transformational relationship with you.

Open the door to a new world of untapped potential with OpenEye Scientific.

The results that Beacon has achieved using the Orion® Platform have been nothing short of amazing. I would whole-heartedly recommend the Orion Platform to anybody that is trying to do any kind of small molecule virtual screening.”

Carleton Sage Vice President of Computational Science,
Eurofins Beacon Discovery

Why OpenEye?

Science on a game-changing scale.

More than two decades ago, we identified the immense potential of molecular design and set out to play a part in realizing it.

In doing so, we purpose-built a platform that improves speed, scientific robustness and scalable application throughout the entire discovery process.

Why OpenEye

Scientific Advisory Board


Molecular models.

Bring speed and scale to your science

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