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OpenEye Scientific is dedicated to realizing the potential of computational agrochemistry. For more than 25 years, we’ve been pioneering molecular modeling technology that vastly increases the productivity of the discovery process across several chemistry-focused industries, including pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals.

For our ever-growing base of loyal partners from business and academia, our tools and technologies – such as the game-changing, turnkey Orion® platform – are indispensable assets, offering unprecedented levels of speed, scale and scientific rigor.

Hand holding a test tube in a grassy field, molecular icons superimposed in the foreground.
Gloved hand putting small plant and soil onto a microscope slide.

Our mantra has long been that the chemistry of molecular interactions comes down to shape and electrostatics. By clearly focusing our attention on these factors, we’ve been able to create the world’s most advanced technology for agrochemical lead generation and optimization.

Created by scientists for scientists, our precision-engineered software and services are designed by experts at the very forefront of chemistry research and are trusted by countless business and academic institutions.

Our solutions are not only relied on to increase the productivity of the discovery process, but to make your life easier too. All of our intuitive technologies prioritize ease of use, saving you significant time versus alternative methods and freeing you up to focus on what really matters in discovery: increasing the yields, improving the quality, and reducing the costs of the production, protection, and use of crops and livestock.

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