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VIDA 4.2.0    Visualizing docking results with VIDA's specialized 3D docking view and chemistry aware spreadsheet

Visualization & Communication of Modeling Results

Molecular modeling is more than just generating numbers. It is about understanding, rationalizing, predicting, and, most importantly, communicating results. Ultimately, modeling efforts are pointless if they don't influence the target audience. To maximize impact, the audience itself needs an easy to use tool to study the appropriate data without overwhelming detail. VIDA offers this solution.


VIDA Features

  • Advanced 3D graphics for high quality molecular visualizations
  • Robust handling and easy browsing of large molecular data sets
  • Chemically aware spreadsheet featuring real-time interaction with 1D (SMILES), 2D, and 3D displays
  • Preset, customizable views for docking (FRED) and ligand-based similarity searches (ROCS, EON)
  • Scriptable with Python enabling easy customization and extensibility
  • All OpenEye Toolkits can be accessed directly through Python scripting interface
  • Entire state of the application including the view and associated data can be saved in a state file for reuse later or for embedding with VIVANT
  • Telemodeling option that allows for interactive sharing of sessions between multiple users over a network
  • PDF export of molecular spreadsheet information for easy off-line analysis and discussion
  • Supported on Linux, Windows® and Mac OS X

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