Orion® Speeds Up Your Antibody Discovery with AbXtract

Orion® Antibody Discovery Suite – AbXtractfrom Specifica

 Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)-based antibody discovery is now available in the Orion® molecular-design platform. These capabilities are part of AbXtract™, which is the first module available in Orion's new Antibody Discovery Suite. AbXtract was developed in partnership with Specifica. Founded by Andrew Bradbury PhD, an innovator in novel antibody technologies, Specifica is a leader in antibody libraries design and discovery. 


Compared to conventional colony screening methods, NGS screening with AbXtract helps teams:

  • Uncover more leads: Increase the number of clonotype leads five- to ten-fold compared to random colony screening
  • Increase sequence diversity and cluster representation: Explore the entire sequence diversity within selected populations, even rare clones that are typically missed by low-throughput methods that favor more abundant antibodies
  • Prioritize promising leads: Tie in known data, and even low-throughput assay data, to prioritize leads with the most favorable developability and biophysical profiles
  • Minimize costs: Achieve high throughput for a fraction of the cost of conventional assay runs
  • Equip the entire discovery team: Automated workflows for novice users, while allowing expert users to fully configure their settings


Use AbXtract™ in Orion® to identify antibodies within the same functional cluster that have reduced number of liabilities.

From Millions of Sequences to a Select Few

AbXtract has the cloud-based compute power to process tens of millions of sequences into meaningful information. Its sophisticated machine-learning algorithms and workflows help antibody engineers and bioinformaticians parse through this vast amount of data to characterize sequences and extract sequence- and functional-based features. Once promising leads are identified, visual models can further aid in decision-making.


Quickly  subselect non-redundant antibody sequences belonging to the same cluster using the interactive plot.

User Friendly - Get Leads from Your Data in Three Guided Steps

Step 1: Upload and process sequence data (millions to 10s of millions of sequence files).

  • Upload sequence files into Orion
    • Low-throughput: FASTA, FASTQ, EXCEL, TSV, CSV
  • Perform FASTQ quality filtering
  • Perform simple demultiplexing of highly multiplexed experiments
  • Annotate to identify CDRs and framework regions of interest (IMGT, Kabat, Chothia, or custom annotation)
  • Produce annotated records ideally suited for antibody discovery

Step 2: Consolidate sequences to group similar antibodies (1000s to 10,000s sequences).

Step 3: Choose the most optimal candidates (10s to 1000s of sequences).

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