Orion® Speeds Up Your Antibody Discovery with AbXtract

Orion® Antibody Discovery Suite – AbXtractfrom Specifica

 Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)-based antibody discovery is now available in the Orion® molecular-design platform. These capabilities are part of AbXtract™, which is the first module available in Orion's new Antibody Discovery Suite.** AbXtract was developed in partnership with Specifica. Founded by Andrew Bradbury PhD, an innovator in novel antibody technologies, Specifica is a leader in antibody libraries design and discovery. 

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Orion® Speeds Up Your Antibody Discovery with AbXtract™

Compared to conventional colony screening methods, NGS screening with AbXtract helps teams:

  • Uncover more leads: Increase the number of clonotype leads five- to ten-fold compared to random colony screening
  • Increase sequence diversity and cluster representation: Explore the entire sequence diversity within selected populations, even rare clones that are typically missed by low-throughput methods that favor more abundant antibodies
  • Prioritize promising leads: Tie in known data, and even low-throughput assay data, to prioritize leads with the most favorable developability and biophysical profiles
  • Minimize costs: Achieve high throughput for a fraction of the cost of conventional assay runs
  • Equip the entire discovery team: Automated workflows for novice users, while allowing expert users to fully configure their settings


Use AbXtract™ in Orion® to identify antibodies within the same functional cluster that have reduced number of liabilities.

From Millions of Sequences to a Select Few

AbXtract has the cloud-based compute power to process tens of millions of sequences into meaningful information. Its sophisticated machine-learning algorithms and workflows help antibody engineers and bioinformaticians parse through this vast amount of data to characterize sequences and extract sequence- and functional-based features. Once promising leads are identified, visual models can further aid in decision-making.


Quickly  subselect non-redundant antibody sequences belonging to the same cluster using the interactive plot.

User Friendly - Get Leads from Your Data in Three Guided Steps

Step 1: Upload and process sequence data (millions to 10s of millions of sequence files).

Step 2: Consolidate sequences to group similar antibodies (1000s to 10,000s sequences).

Step 3: Choose the most optimal candidates (10s to 1000s of sequences).

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**AbXtract™ module will be available in December 2021 for use in the Orion® Antibody Discovery Suite on the Orion cloud-native platform

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