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Cloud Advantage

Workflows and Compute Units

Each Orion Science Suite comes with guided workflows (Orion Floes) and compute units (Orion Cubes) that are easy to use, modify, and create.

Scalable, Secure Amazon Cloud Computing

Orion lets you fully leverage your computational tools by harnessing the power of Amazon cloud computing. With a cloud-native design and a proprietary scheduler, Orion was built to handle even the most demanding computing needs.

  • Get fast, reliable results no matter the workload size or calculation intensity
  • Break free from hardware limitations
  • Eliminate the demands of managing infrastructure and orchestrating calculations
  • Control costs by fine-tuning when and how your calculations run
  • Trust in the security of Amazon and OpenEye
Each Orion Suites contains easy-to-use workflows (Orion Floes) as turnkey applications to rapidly solve your scientific questions. Orion Floes are designed to be flexible and built from individual compute units (Orion Cubes): modify existing Floes, create your own Floes, or build new methodologies in Python as Cubes.
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Cloud-Based Design

Unlike other solutions on the market today, Orion was built with a cloud-native design. It isn’t simply “cloud-hosted” or “cloud-enabled.” This ground-up cloud-based architecture ensures that your organization is getting the maximum benefit from using cloud computing.

OpenEye was one of the first scientific computing companies to attain the AWS High Competency Computing (HPC) partner designation. This distinction recognizes that OpenEye has both the deep industry experience and the required expertise to help customers attain scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions.

Orion’s proprietary scheduler engine gets you the maximum speed (wall clock), the best scaling option (mixed parallel CPU/GPU), and the lowest compute cost (on-demand/spot pricing) for your scientific computing needs. The fault-tolerance feature designed into Orion further ensures that your calculations will run to completion—no more job crashes because of hardware failures. In choosing Orion, you have the best engineered scientific computing platform available for use with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Trusted Security

The Orion Platform runs encrypted as an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), the gold standard in cloud-infrastructure security. With Orion, you can trust that your data is always secure and intact, at rest and in transit. Orion also lets you fully control who has access to your data on both a user and project level. Additionally, the OpenEye cloud team monitors your Orion infrastructure security 24/7.

Accelerated Science and Freedom to Explore

The marrying of OpenEye Science and Amazon Computing accelerates your science and gives you the freedom to explore like never before.

  • Free up time for scientific exploration by using a unified platform — no more wasted time switching between applications and formatting data
  • Explore research areas previously unattainable because of hardware limitations or compute times
  • Gain new insights by collaborating with colleagues in real time using 2D/3D models, spreadsheets, graphs, plots, and annotations

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