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The Orion® Platform

The Orion® platform provides a single environment for all your molecular design applications and data.

Get fast, reliable results no matter the workload size or calculation intensity. Orion lets you fully leverage your computational tools by harnessing the power of Amazon cloud computing. With a cloud-native design and a proprietary scheduler, Orion was built to handle even the most demanding computing needs.

Cloud-native Orion can be accessed using just a web browser, with no specialized hardware or servers necessary. No more dealing with file transfers and data formatting. With Orion, you get an all-in-one environment for cloud-computing, calculating, visualizing, and analyzing data, and collaborating in real-time with your team members.



  • Integrated cloud-native platform capable of running unlimited applications and storing unlimited data on Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Web-based interface for accessing tools, sharing results, and collaborating in real-time
  • Wide selection of ready-to-use scientific applications and toolkits
  • Automated and guided workflows (Orion Floes) for ease of use
  • Individual compute units (Orion Cubes) for creating custom workflows
  • Open platform for conveniently integrating third-party or in-house software with Python
  • Real-time compute-cost monitoring, down to the seconds and by the cents
  • Proprietary scheduler engine that gets you the maximum speed (wall clock), the best scaling option (mixed parallel CPU/GPU), and the lowest compute cost (on-demand/spot pricing)
  • Secure and safe data encryption and transmission using Amazon Virtual Private Cloud

Cloud-Native Architecture

Designed as a cloud-native platform, Orion offers many advantages over other cloud-enabled platforms. Orion’s proprietary scheduler engine helps you maximize resources available from AWS and minimize your overall compute cost, saving you time and money. With Orion, you can:

  • Get fast, reliable results no matter the workload size or calculation intensity
  • Access unlimited and on-demand hardware and storage on AWS
  • Eliminate the demands of managing infrastructure and orchestrating calculations
  • Control costs by fine-tuning when and how your calculations run
  • Connect to Orion’s flexible storage system, including large-scale distributed I/O
  • Have automatic parallelization to optimize your workflows
  • Leverage a single platform for your data and applications, eliminating the need for data transfer and app switching and letting you collaborate with your team in real-time
  • Trust in the security of Amazon and OpenEye



Workflows Design

Orion comes with pre-built automated workflows (Orion Floes) that simplify complex calculations and analyses for you. Orion Floes are comprised of individual compute units (Orion Cubes). You can drag-and-drop Orion Cubes to quickly edit workflows as you see fit, and you can create your own Cubes with Python.

Support for 3rd Party Code Integration

Orion’s open platform* and use of Python allow you to integrate third-party code or use the Scientific Python ecosystem for methods development. With Orion Command Line Interface (OCLI) and the available client API, Orion is fully customizable to your scientific modeling and informatics needs.

* Available with the Orion’s optional Managed Stack platform choice.


Orion Science Suites

OpenEye science is now faster, cheaper to run, and easier to use because it is accessible via the Orion Platform and User Interface. Sophisticated scientific analyses have been packaged into flexible workflows that scientists can use as turnkey solutions or customize for their needs. To streamline the user experience, tools are grouped together into complementary science suites, including:


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