Search Billions of Available Compounds, Fast!

The Orion® Commercial Compound Library Collection

Making Your Large-Scale Virtual Screening Faster and Easier

Orion® provides a single point of access to commercial vendors’ libraries, making your large-scale virtual screening faster and easier.

You no longer need to access different vendors’ sites or manually process their data. OpenEye does the work for you! OpenEye filter these libraries for 'drug-like' molecules, pre-generate conformers, and add shape features. This enables you to efficiently perform structure-based and ligand-based searches by 2D similarity, 3D shape (FastROCS), and 3D docking (Gigadock™), at an ultra large scale.

Through Orion, you can search >8 billion stereoenumerated molecules and >80 billion conformers. This means you could identify promising drug-like molecules from billions of compounds in as little as 30 minutes and at a fraction of the cost of in vitro high-throughput screening assays.

Available Databases

OpenEye maintains and updates the following libraries so that you will always have ready access within Orion. Your results include compounds that are readily available from reputable chemical vendors.

Enamine REAL

  • 7.7 Billion Stereoenumerated Molecules

WuXi GalaXi®

  • 1.16 Billion Stereoenumerated Molecules

Mcule Ultimate

  • 158 Million Stereoenumerated Molecules


MolPort Screening

  • 4.7 Million Stereoenumerated Molecules

Disclaimer: Commercially available vendor databases will be updated in Orion periodically based on content availability from those vendors. Neither the availability of these vendor databases nor the compounds in them within Orion constitute or imply endorsement or recommendation by OpenEye Scientific.

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