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2013-05 | EuroCUP VI | Santpoort, NL

2013-05 | EuroCUP VI | Santpoort, NL

Santpoort, Netherlands

May 15-17, 2013

EuroCUP VI will be held May 15-17, 2013 at the Duin & Kruidberg Hotel in Santpoort, Netherlands (near Amsterdam). The main sessions start on Wednesday afternoon (May 15) preceded by an optional pre-meeting Toolkit Session on Wednesday morning. The program of speakers is listed below. More details, including talk titles will be available soon. Check back again soon for additional information. We are still accepting requests for poster presentations.

We look forward to seeing you!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013 

  • Poster Session, welcome drinks and buffet dinner (18:30 - late)
    • Loredana Spadola, AstraZeneca, UK - "Meet your MATCH: a new similarity search method based on matched molecular pairs"
    • Paul Czodrowski, Merck KGaA - "From SZMAP to Lead"
    • Michael Margreiter, University of Innsbruck - "Probing Aromatic- Heteroaromatic Interactions for Ligand Optimization"
    • Inna Slynko, MLU Halle - "Combination of ligand- and structure-based approaches for searching novel PRK1 kinase inhibitors"
    • Sabrina Wollenhaupt, University of Technology Braunschweig - "inSARa Networks for Ligand-based Analysis of Target Similarities"
    • Daniel Parton, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center - "Redesigning Drug Design: Toward Efficient, Quantitative Prediction of Ligand Binding Affinities"
    • Roger Sayle, NextMove Software - "Extract, Analysis, Atom Mapping, Classification and Naming of Reactions from Pharmaceutical ELNs"
    • Andrew Hinton, Digital Science - "From Famine to Feast: the
      Patent Chemistry Big Bang in PubChem"
    • Laszlo Fusti-Molnar, OpenEye - "Polymorph Crystal Structure Prediction"
    • Laszlo Fusti-Molnar, OpenEye - "Higher order electrostatics for macromolecules"

Thursday, May 16

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