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2014-06 | JCUP V | Tokyo, JP

2014-06 | JCUP V | Tokyo, JP

Tokyo, Japan • June 5-6, 2014

We are pleased to report the success of this year's JCUP V meeting. For those of you who were able to attend, thank you for your participation. To view a portion of the presentations that have been made available to the public, please click on the title links in the program schedule below.

JCUP is OpenEye's annual Japanese science meeting. An off-shoot of our CUP meeting held in Santa Fe, this meeting aims to bring together our Japanese users with other leading scientists both inside and out of OpenEye to discuss the challenges of drug discovery.

We are very pleased to announce that we will commence JCUP V as follows:

A Message from the Organizer of JCUP V
This year's JCUP features a variety of dimensions to consider within drug discovery and development. It will feature speakers at various career stages, from current graduate students to seasoned industrial veterans. Further, a wide scale of approaches will be on hand, beginning with traditional physical- and physicochemical-based methods up to big data scales, providing an ideal opportunity for participants to consider how each scale impacts the research and industrial processes. This is expected to pave the way to an enlightened and exciting discussions for all attendees.

– J.B. Brown (Kyoto University, JCUP V Organizer)

JCUP is an informal gathering of researchers, so please attend in casual attire.

JCUP V Venue:
Ohtemachi-SunSky Room
Asahi Seimei Building 27F Room A
2-6-1 Ohtemachi Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-004 Japan
TEL: +03-3270-3266
Access: JR Tokyo Station (Yaesu-North Entrance, Nihonbashi Exit)
Subway: Tokyo Metro, Ohtemachi-station (B-6 exit)


Thursday, June 5

  • 10:00 - Registration

OpenEye Session 1

    • 10:30 - J.B. Brown (Kyoto University, JCUP V organizer)
      Opening Remarks
OEDocking: OpenEye's docking suite

OpenEye Lunch Time Seminar 1

Poster Session

    • 13:00 - Posters - (90 min.)
    • Gregory Warren, Paul Hawkins, Hideyuki Sato (OpenEye)

Molecular Modeling Session 1

    • 14:30 - Yoshiyuki Ogino (Waseda University)
      Experimental and theoretical analyses for molecular behavior of thalidomide-related chiral drugs: toward a comprehensive understanding of complex metabolic systems
    • 15:00 - Ken Brameld (Principia Biopharma)
      Residence Time by Design Utilizing Tailored Reversible Covalent Inhibition
    • 15:45 - Mark Agostino (Curtin University, Australia)
      Computational mapping approaches for studying carbohydrate-protein recognition
    • 16:30 - Break (15 min.)
    • 16:45 - Kentaro Kawai (Kaken Pharmaceutical)
      De Novo Design of Drug-Like Molecules by a Fragment-Based Molecular Evolutionary Approach
    • 17:15 - Carleton Sage (Arena Pharmaceuticals)
      Ligand and homology modelling for GPCR drug discovery 
  • 18:00 - Banquet

Friday, June 6

Molecular Modeling Session 1 (cont.)

  • 10:00 - Arnout RD Voet (Riken)
    Computational design of a self-assembling symmetrical β-propeller

OpenEye Session 2

OpenEye Lunch Time Seminar 2

Statistical and Big Data Modeling

    • 13:30 - Ryo Kunimoto (Asubio Pharma)
      Analysis of large-scale virtual screening data generated by the K-supercomputer project
    • 14:30 - Break and Posters (30 min)

Molecular Modeling Session 2

    • 15:00 - Midori Kamimura (Teijin Pharma)
      The inhibitory mechanism analysis of human chymase specific inhibitor TJK002
    • 17:00 - Close

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