2015-09 | miniCUP | San Francisco, CA

Posted by OpenEye Scientific on September 24, 2015 — Topics: Event, miniCUP, CUP Event

South San Francisco, CA

Sept. 24, 2015

OpenEye invites you to miniCUP San Francisco on Thursday, September 24, 2015 from 9:00am - 5:30pm. A Reception will follow after the talks.

This event will be held at The Embassy Suites San Francisco Airport - South San Francisco 250 Gateway Boulevard, South San Francisco, CA 94080.

To reserve your spot for the event please send an email to westcoast@eyesopen.com as soon as possible as space is limited. There is no charge to attend.

Morning Session

  • Anthony Nicholls OpenEye - Welcome and Keynote
  • Gregory Warren OpenEye - Shape is Dead: Long Live Shape!
  • Brian Cole OpenEye - FastROCS and Customization: Everything is Better When You Can Have it Your Way
  • Geoff Skillman OpenEye - Fragment Replacement in Molecular Design
  • Alberto Gobbi Genentech - Where Does All the Strain Come From?
  • Gregory Warren OpenEye - Is There Anything Compelling in Structure-based Design?

Lunch Break - Food will be provideD

Afternoon Session

  • Kim Branson Lumiata - My new favorite thing for time series data: Transfer Entropy
  • Geoff Skillman & Bob Tolbert OpenEye - Project ORION: The OpenEye Modeling Platform
  • Li Tian Novartis - Fitting, Overfitting and Useful Domains of Application: Perfection, the Enemy of the Good?
  • Brian Cole OpenEye - Advances in the OpenEye Toolkit Development Platform
  • Bob Tolbert OpenEye - Jupyter: Using iPython Notebook
  • Tom Darden OpenEye - Solubility Prediction for Drug-like Molecules
  • Anthony Nicholls OpenEye - Closing Remarks

Reception to follow