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JCUP X - Tokyo | May 23-24, 2019 (English)

JCUP X - Tokyo | May 23-24, 2019 (English)

JCUP is OpenEye's annual Japanese science meeting. An off-shoot of our CUP meeting held in Santa Fe, this meeting aims to bring together our Japanese users with other leading scientists both inside and out of OpenEye to discuss the challenges of drug discovery.

This years JCUP event will be held May 23-24, 2019 once again at the Ohtemachi Sunsky Room  in Ohtemachi, Tokyo Japan. Please check back closer to the event date for more details and registration information. We look forward to seeing you in May!




         May 23 - 24,  2019



Ohtemachi Sunsky Room

Asahi Seimei Building 27F Room A, 2-6-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004

TEL:  03-3270-3266

Access: JR Tokyo Station (Yaesu North - Nihonbashi Exit) or Tokyo Metro Otemachi Station (B-6 exit)



J. B. Brown, PhD (Kyoto University)


Registration Page


There is no registration fee including luncheon and banquet.

Casual dress code is recommended as usual for JCUP!



JCUP X Agenda: 

Sessions planned on May 23rd

10:00-                  Registration

10:30-10:40     J.B. Brown -Kyoto University

Opening Remarks

10:40-11:25  Anthony Nicholls   - OpenEye Scientific Software

Welcome to JCUP

11:25-12:10  Evan Feinberg -Genesis Therapeutics

Deep Representations and Algorithms for Molecular Property Prediction

12:10-12:25  Break

12:25-13:25 Luncheon Seminar

Paul Hawkins - OpenEye Scientific Software Inc.

An Orion Demo

13:25-13:40  Break

13:40-14:10  J.B. Brown -Kyoto University

Expectations of big data

14.10-14:40  Hideyoshi Fuji   -Astellas Pharma

Artificial intelligence recognizes chemical patterns from 2D chemical structure diagrams.

14.40-15.10  Tomoyuki Miyao   - Nara Institute of Science and Technology

Application of turbo similarity searching to molecular shape-based virtual screening

15:10-17:05  Poster Session

17:05-17:50  Chris Roberts   -SR One

Drug discovery and innovation - more than just novel biology

18:00-20:00  Banquet


Sessions planned on May 24th

10:00-10:30  Mark McGann - OpenEye Scientific Software Inc.

Giga Docking

 10:30-11:00  Paul Hawkins - OpenEye Scientific Software Inc.

"Macrocycle conformational sampling with OMEGA: From the solid-state to solution"

11:00-11:30   Hari Muddana  - OpenEye Scientific Software Inc.

Crystal Structure and Polymorph Prediction using the Orion Cloud Platform

11:30-12:00  Anthony Nicholls - OpenEye Scientific Software Inc.

Core Machine Learning concepts and old problems in molecular modeling

12:00-12:15  Break

12:15-13:00  Luncheon Seminar

Paul Hawkins - OpenEye Scientific Software Inc.

Scientific frontiers at OpenEye

13:00-13:15  Break

13:15-14:00   Janet Newman   -CSIRO

Machines and humans learning from crystallisation data

14:00-14:30  Koji Oda  -Ono Pharmaceutical

What can we learn from what machines learn? - trials using ADMET data -

14:30-14:45  Break

14:45-15:15  Takayuki Serizawa -Asahi Kasei Pharma

Open Source Toolkits in Asahi Kasei Pharma

15:15-16:00  Istvan Enyedy   -Biogen

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Drug Discovery

 16:00-16:15  Anthony Nicholls/ J.B. Brown

Closing Remarks


The Venue is available until 17:00 for Social communication 


Poster Session:

Thanks to all, we have received more posters than capacity. Although you still can register, it does not guarantee that you will have a space. Sorry for inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.



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