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CUP XXIII - Santa Fe March 5-7, 2024

CUP XXIII - Santa Fe March 5-7, 2024

CUP is OpenEye's annual scientific meeting held at La Fonda on the Plaza in Santa Fe where we bring together top Scientists, Customers, Users, and Programmers in the industry to discuss the challenges in drug discovery. This year, in addition to a day of reports from OpenEye scientists, we will have two keynote speakers and four half-day sessions planned on the topics below:



Cheating at large-scale”. As virtual databases get larger and larger, how do we search such 3D chemical spaces efficiently?

Next steps with Affinity”. Although free-energy methods have made a significant impact, they aren’t as robust or accurate as we’d like.

Structural Toxicology”, As techniques such as cryoEM remove previous limits on what can be resolved, how much of ADME can we begin to model?

Hype vs Hope”. Is the excitement around new techniques and technologies justified? Tell us of your experiences with LLMs, quantum computing, large-scale dynamics or any thing else that either lives up to its hype or doesn’t.


Keynote Speakers:

Charlotte Deane, Professor of Structural Bioinformatics at Oxford will give the Levinthal lecture.

Christian Cortis, COO of Tectonic Therapeutic will give the Frank Brown Industry Perspective talk. Chris was a Board member of OpenEye, where he contributed his unique experiences of both the financial world and that of biotech.

External Speakers:

David Mobley, UC Irvine
Kim Branson, GSK
Eric Martin, Novartis
Chen Cheng, Genentech
Frank Pickard, Moderna
Ade Ojewole, NVIDIA
Pat Walters, Relay Therapeutics
Yutong Zhao, Relay Therapeutics
Kim Sharp, U. Penn
Mark Ams, NM Tech
Claudio Catalano, Nanoimaging
Olgun Guvench, U of New England
Khoa Ngo, UC Davis

OpenEye update:

Anthony Nicholls
Geoff Skillman
Jharrod Lafon
Paul Hawkins
Jingyi Chen
Jesper Sørensen
Shyamal Nath
Hari Muddana
Neha Vithani
Christopher Bayly


Call for Presentations:

Please submit your abstract for poster or oral presentations.


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Penny J. Gilmer Memorial Grant:

To encourage scientists starting out in the computational chemistry field, OpenEye awards several travel grants to CUP. These grants are available to graduate students and post-docs of underrepresented genders in computational chemistry who intend to present their research at CUP. Apply here.

Hotel Reservations:
Discounted Hotel Rates at La Fonda can be found here.