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Virtual Screening, Orion® as a Service, and Lead Optimization

Virtual Screening, Orion® as a Service, and Lead Optimization
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The OpenEye Envision Series is now over, however you can still watch the talks on-demand for a limited time. 

Hear from both OpenEye and industry speakers focusing on specific topics in-depth for each session, including a 10-15 minute Q&A and discussion period following the presentations.

To access recordings of the main talks, Q&A sessions or download the presentation PDF for any of the Envision events below, click on the  “Watch Event” link.  You will then be prompted to register at the event platform to access the talks for that session. 

Virtual Screening at the Giga Scale


Learn about the latest work in Giga Scale, searching billions of molecules in Orion, and hear from guest Speaker Gregory Prikler of Mcule.

  • Giga Screening: Finding Molecule Straws in a Haystack - Mark McGann, Senior Principal Scientific Developer, OpenEye Scientific
  • Advanced Techniques for Screening Billions - Mark McGann, Senior Principal Scientific Developer, OpenEye Scientific
  • Gigadock™ Demo in Orion - Gunther Stahl, Senior Application Scientist, OpenEye Scientific
  • Small Molecular Compound Selection and Sourcing - Greg Prikler, Director of Business Development, Mcule

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Using Orion® as a Managed Service to Develop World-Class Drug Discovery Scientific Methods (Available On-Demand)


Learn about how your own managed service installation of Orion can accelerate your company’s ability to innovate in scientific computation and rapidly deliver key results to impact ongoing projects.

  • Orion as a Managed Service: A Powerful Platform for Scientific Development and Integration - Matt Geballe, VP, Product, OpenEye Scientific
  • Integrating Orion in Big Pharma for Fun & Profit - Scott Johnson, Senior Principal Scientist, Bristol-Meyers Squibb
  • How to Exploit Orion as a Scientific Platform: Permeability as a Case Study in Large Scale Floe Development - David LeBard, Senior Scientific Software Developer, OpenEye Scientific

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Engaging Cutting-Edge Lead Optimization Tools in Your Drug Development Process (Available On-Demand)


During the lead optimization phase of drug development, there are many opportunities for computational approaches to make a positive impact. This retrospective presentation highlights some of the computational tools developed by OpenEye Scientific Software to support a structure-enabled lead optimization campaign using the Tyk2 kinase as an example.

  • Presentation & Overview of Lead Optimization in Drug Development - Steve Muchmore, Head of Orion Services, OpenEye Scientific
  • Structure Preparation - Gunther Stahl, Senior Application Scientist, OpenEye Scientific
  • Idea and Focused Library Generation - David Hamilton, Application Scientist, OpenEye Scientific
  • Docking and Scoring and Posing - Scott Brown, Associate Director, Orion Services, OpenEye Scientific
  • Other Binding Energy Evaluation - Varsha Jain, Application Scientist, OpenEye Scientific
  • Dynamics Based Scoring - Christopher Bayly, Head of Molecular Dynamics, OpenEye Scientific

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Applying the Latest High-Throughput Technologies to Your Antibody Drug Discovery Pipeline (Available On-Demand)


Hear from Andrew Bradbury, Founder and CSO of Specifica, M. Frank Erasmus, Head of Bioinformatics of Specifica, as well as Guest Speaker Sai Reddy, Associate Professor from ETH Zurich as they discuss their latest work and developments in Antibody Engineering.

  • Drug-like Antibodies Directly from Specifica’s Generation 3 Discovery Platform - Andrew Bradbury, MD, PhD, Founder & CSO, Specifica, Inc.
  • Antibody Discovery in the Cloud  - M. Frank Erasmus, MS, PhD, Head of Bioinformatics, Specifica, Inc.
  • Predictive Profiling of Sars-CoV-2 Variants by Deep Mutational Learning -  Sai Reddy, Associate Professor of Systems and Synthetic Immunology in the Department of Biosystems Science & Engineering at ETH Zurich

In Partnership with Specifica, Inc.


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