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miniCUP San Diego 2023

miniCUP San Diego 2023 will be held on October 3rd, 2023

miniCUP San Diego is a single-day in-person gathering that will provide the opportunity to hear presentations from OpenEye and industry speakers, as well as learn about the latest scientific innovations and recent updates to the Orion® molecular design platform and our applications and toolkits. Plus stay for robust discussion at a cocktail reception following the event.

Mirati Therapeutics 
3545 Cray Court
San Diego, CA 92121


October 3rd, 2023

9:00 –  Registration & Coffee/Pastries 

9:30  Opening Remarks - Anthony Nicholls, CVP

10:00 New Features in Orion & Orion Roadmap Ash Jogalekar

10:30 – Break

11:00  AI Strategy & Examples at OpenEye – Geoff Skillman

11:30  Validation of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-assisted docking of 1010 available molecules – Mark McGann

12:00 – Lunch


Protein Simulations

13:30   Efficient Protein Conformational Sampling – David LeBard

14:00   Automated Identification of Cryptic Pockets for Drug DiscoveryNeha Vithani

14:30   3D Antibody Modeling in Orion – Jesper Sørensen

15:00 – Break


Structure-Based Hit to Lead & Lead-Optimization

15:30  Generative Ligands from Reactions & Reagents – Mark McGann

16:00   Induced-Fit Docking – Hyesu Jang

16:30   Affinity Prediction – Chris Neale

17:00 – Reception