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miniCUP San Francisco 2023

miniCUP San Francisco 2023 will be held on October 5th, 2023

miniCUP San Francisco is a single-day in-person gathering that will provide the opportunity to hear presentations from OpenEye and industry speakers, as well as learn about the latest scientific innovations and recent updates to the Orion® molecular design platform and our applications and toolkits. Plus stay for robust discussion at a cocktail reception following the event.

Genentech Building 35 (west side entrance)
350 DNA Way, South San Francisco, CA 94080

Below is an aerial map of where we'd like you to enter.  If you will be taking Lyft/Uber or using Waze or any map apps, please use the following address: 350 DNA Way, SSF (Building 35).  If you are parking, they just pull up to the gate arm at the sectioned off lot right in the front and push the call button. I have also marked additional visitor parking on the map, but some will need to walk farther to the lobby.

Building 35_miniCUP

Please walk to Building 35 to check-in with our lobbyist. They may ask you for your make/model of your car and license plate. Krisztina will get a notification that you have arrived and will meet you there. 

Please visit for more information


October 5th 2023

8:30 – Registration & Coffee/Pastries 

9:00   Opening Remarks - Anthony Nicholls, CVP

9:30   New Features in Orion & Orion Roadmap Ash Jogalekar

10:00  Breaking ROCS in the Hot Sun: Synthon Driven Shape Surfing – Chen Cheng, Guest Presenter from Genentech


10:30 – Break

11:00  AI Strategy & Examples at OpenEye – Geoff Skillman

11:30  Validation of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-assisted docking of 1010 available molecules – Mark McGann

12:00 – Lunch


Protein Simulations

13:30 Efficient Protein Conformational Sampling – David LeBard

14:00 Automated Identification of Cryptic Pockets for Drug DiscoveryNeha Vithani

14:30 3D Antibody Modeling in Orion – Jesper Sørensen

15:00 – Break


Structure-Based Hit to Lead & Lead-Optimization

15:30 Generative Ligands from Reactions & Reagents – Mark McGann

16:00 Induced-Fit Docking – Hyesu Jang

16:30 Affinity Prediction – Chris Neale

17:00 – Reception



Pre-registration now is open for miniCUP San Francisco 2023