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Orion Seminar - Korea

Join the OpenEye team on Dec. 5, 2023 for a seminar highlighting Orion®- OpenEye's cloud molecular design platform. Orion allows users to access OpenEye's industry leading 2D and 3D computational tools and innovative science on the cloud.

1:30 - 4:30 PM

Room 613, World Meridien Venture Center 2
123 Gasan Digital 2-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea


  1. Introduction to OpenEye
  2. Introduction to Orion
  3. Virtual Screening (FastROCS, GigaDock )
  4. Docking (Induced Fit Posing)
  5. Non-Equilibrium Switching (NES) for Relative Binding Free Energy Calculations
  6. Cryptic Pocket Finding
  7. Machine Learning at OpenEye


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