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2015-06 | Property Based Drug Design | Boston, MA

2015-06 | Property Based Drug Design | Boston, MA

Boston, MA

June 11-12, 2015

Please join us on Thursday, June 11 at 3:35pm as Gregory L Warren, Ph.D., Senior Applications Scientist from OpenEye presents:

A Delicate Balancing Act: Applying Property Filtering to Fragment Replacement in BROOD
Lead optimization is not a simple one-dimensional optimization of affinity and effective computational tools should allow of optimization of other molecular properties. We will present BROOD v 2.1 a fragment-based R-group and template replacement lead optimization application that can suggest replacement groups that are simultaneously optimized for many different properties at once. Several examples to demonstrate this unique ability will be presented.

OpenEye will also be exhibiting at PBDD. Please visit us at Booth #34. We look forward to seeing you!