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David LeBard Leads Desert Montessori School Students on Science Day

David LeBard Leads Desert Montessori School Students on Science Day

David LeBard, PhD, Principal Scientific Developer and Head of the Enhanced Sampling Group at OpenEye, and Jeff Thompson, PhD, Scientific Software Developer at OpenEye, and Caitlin Bannan, PhD, Scientific Developer at OpenEye, recently taught elementary students about chemistry during Science Day at the Desert Montessori School in Santa Fe, N.M.  

After a teacher approached Dr. LeBard asking if he could help teach science to young students ranging from 2 to 11 years old, Dr. LeBard seized the opportunity to educate the scientists-in-training.  


On May 16, 2022, students dressed as their favorite scientist. Many showed up in lab coats while others interpreted it as dressing nerdy!

The day involved a laser experiment conducted by Thompson. LeBard and Thompson taught the children how to make ooblick, a semi-liquid sludge made out of water and cornstarch.


LeBard also made elephant’s toothpaste and smokey bubbles out of dry ice. He lectured on the phases of matter including liquid, solid and gas, and the chemistries of the various experiments conducted throughout the day.

The children enjoyed pizza and look forward to Dr. LeBard and others from OpenEye returning to Science Day 2023.