Webinar: Orion 2020.1 Update

Posted by OpenEye Scientific on 5/26/20 2:24 PM

Orion 2020.1 Update, was presented by Matt Geballe, PhD,  VP of Product at OpenEye, on Thursday, June 4, 2020 at 1 pm EDT / 10am PDT (US).  

In this webinar we will highlight the latest updates in the Orion 2020.1 release. It is suited for current Orion users who are already familiar with the Orion environment. If you’re new to Orion you may want to start with an introduction to the platform (links below).

In the Orion 2020.1 webinar we will cover:

  • Updates and Improvements to the Orion UI
  • Updates and Improvements to Floes and Floe Packages
  • Updates and Improvements for Programming in Orion

New to Orion? Learn more at:

Orion Product Page
Webinar: Integration, Innovation and Inclusion in Orion

To download a PDF of the presentation, click on the link below:
Orion 2020.1 Update 


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