Protein Active Site Comparison with SiteHopper: Phylogeny to Polypharmacology Webinar

Posted by OpenEye Scientific on Oct 29, 2015 12:00:00 AM

"Protein Active Site Comparison with SiteHopper: Phylogeny to Polypharmacology" presented by Gregory Warren, Ph.D., Senior Applications Scientist from OpenEye.

This webinar was held on October 29, 2015 at 12pm EDT/9am PDT (US).

There is a long history of using sequence alignment data to understand evolutionary relationships. More recently, attempts to use sequence alignment to predict cross-reactivity and polypharmacology have been made with varying degrees of success. We present a new method, SiteHopper, which rapidly aligns and compares three-dimensional representations of protein active or binding sites. This method is expected to be a better predictor of compound cross-reactivity and work better for identifying polypharmacology targets versus sequence because it directly compares the shape and underlying chemistry of the pockets. Case studies will be presented to show that SiteHopper is able to find similarity between binding sites for targets with very different sequences and that information can be used to create a robust cross-reactivity model.

A recorded version of this webinar, along with the presentation PDF, is now available.

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