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Webinar: Integration, Innovation and Inclusion in Orion

Webinar: Integration, Innovation and Inclusion in Orion

"The Three "I's" of the Cloud: Integration, Innovation and Inclusion in Orion"  was presented by Paul Hawkins, PhD, Head of Scientific Solutions at OpenEye, on Friday, April 3, 2020 at 1 pm EDT / 10am PDT (US).  

This webinar will highlight some key capabilities of OpenEye’s cloud platform Orion, and how it is solving three important problems for both developers and users of computational chemistry tools.

Innovation: computational chemists continually develop new approaches to existing problems and are frequently challenged to produce useful models for new molecular processes. Validating these new models, comparing them to existing methods, and then placing them in the hands of potential users is often a long and difficult process. Orion is a platform for developing and validating new ideas: it provides the computational resources to perform large-scale validation, the data sources upon which to operate, and the ability to store versioned results to allow straightforward tracking of progress. 

Integration: solutions to new problems in molecular design are rarely based on a single idea or a single piece of technology; effective solutions often require several separate components to be joined together. This integration of disparate tools can be achieved easily inside Orion’s workflow engine, Floe.

Inclusion: accessing novel solutions and new results, sharing new ideas and new data can be problematic even within a single group or organization, while sharing across groups and organizations is much more difficult. With simple access through a browser Orion provides a powerful way to ‘broadcast’ new methods, new results, and new datasets to users, allowing access to cutting-edge solutions to experts and novices alike.

This webinar will illustrate a variety of workflows for molecular design, showing the process of generating, sharing and using them through Orion.

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