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Webinar - Orion® Formulations

"Introduction to the OpenEye Formulations Suite in Orion®” presented by Hari Muddana, PhD, Head of Physics, is now available for on-demand viewing alongside the presentation PDF.

In this miniWebinar we highlight the latest new science and features in the new OpenEye Formulations Suite in Orion.®

The Orion Formulations Suite includes a set of robust crystal structure prediction (CSP) workflows that can help you understand the crystals needed in formulation and reduce your chances of late-stage polymorph discovery. An industry-validated solution, Orion’s cloud-native approach for CSP is accurate, highly-parallelizable, and cost-effective, with a wall clock time of days for drug-like molecules. Learn how CSP workflows can save you time and money in your R&D effort.

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