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Webinar: Maximizing Diverse Leads from Antibodies

Webinar: Maximizing Diverse Leads from Antibodies

Join us for the miniWebinar "Maximizing the Panel of Diverse Leads from a Wide Array of Antibodies Recognizing the Same Epitope with AbXtract™" presented by M. Frank Erasmus, MS, PhD, Head of Bioinformatics at Specifica, on Thursday, August 25, 2022.

Webinar Summary 

Your selection campaign led to the identification of a wide array of leads that bind the desired epitope. Unfortunately, many of these leads may not exhibit optimal developability or kinetic characteristics that are required to advance your molecule to the clinic. The immediate solution? Identify additional clones that likely exhibit similar binding modalities to the target, better kinetic profiles, but less likely to exhibit biophysical liabilities in downstream development.

By retaining a comprehensive overview of your selected output with processed NGS outputs with AbXtract™, you now can easily query a dataset of highly functional binders with similar epitopes though exhibit more favorable properties. In this webinar, we will reveal how to quickly execute these tasks with AbXtract, a cloud-based antibody discovery software developed by antibody engineers, by walking you through a case study on how to mine clusters to identify molecules exhibiting superior binding properties and reduced developability liabilities.


Webinar Agenda

The presentation agenda is as follows: 

  • Background on candidate selection from NGS-guided discovery campaign. 
  • Clustering the antibody paratope and correspondence to epitope bin data.
  • Identification of representative leads in cluster with simple heuristics, correlations to affinity.
  • Improve intracluster prioritization of full-length clones using supervised ML approaches.
  • Demonstrate the use of automated floes to dig deeper into your NGS dataset for additional sequences that belong to the same cluster. 

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