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2016-04 | Bio-IT World | Boston, MA

2016-04 | Bio-IT World | Boston, MA

Boston, MA

April 5-7, 2016

Please join us on Wednesday, April 6 at 12:40pm as Brian Cole, Toolkit Product Manager & Lead Technology Strategistfrom OpenEye presents:

Instant 3D Molecular Search for Everyone: FastROCS on the Web
FastROCS won the BioIT World 2011 Best of Show for its paradigm-shifting performance improvements using GPUs. Adoption continues, but is still restricted to molecular modeling platforms used by full-time modelers. To reach a broader audience of chemists OpenEye broke free from traditional monolithic modeling applications and created an interface in the universal language of the web. The web-platform is the future direction of OpenEye and a perfect place to showcase OpenEye’s other novel technology: Grapheme-TK.

OpenEye will also be exhibiting at BioIT World. Please visit us at Booth #250. We look forward to seeing you!