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Drug Discovery, London UK

Drug Discovery, London UK

London, UK
March 27-28, 2017

OpenEye will be attending and presenting at the Drug Discovery Conference in London. 

Please join us on Monday, March 27 at 10:55 am as Anthony Nicholls, President and CEO from OpenEye presents:

Orion: CADD reimagined as a cloud enterprise 

  • Orion is OpenEye’s reimagining of all the elements of CADD conducted entirely within a cloud service, in our case Amazon Web Services (AWS), delivered as either a hosted system or an in-house VPC solution

  • As a ‘cloud native’ platform Orion completely automates and manages access to large scale AWS processing and storage

  • In-cloud facilities include molecular design, 3D visualization, data analysis, results/method sharing and project organization

  • All of OpenEye science is included, enabling users to construct innovative workflows with Floe, our pipelining tool

  • As an open platform Orion allows for straightforward integration of third-party code (customer, academic, vendor)

  • Interaction with Orion is via a simple webpage, deliverable on any internet-enabled device