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Orion: A workflow-based collaborative environment for MD

Orion: A workflow-based collaborative environment for MD

"Orion: A workflow-based collaborative environment for MD" was presented by Christopher Bayly, Ph.D., Senior Scientist  on Thursday, October 12, 2017.

MD-based methods such as Free Energy Calculations (FECs) are an exciting new frontier in pharmaceutical discovery. New capabilities offered by Cloud computing make these computationally demanding approaches broadly accessible in a timeframe suitable for drug discovery, but to what purpose? How shall we best integrate these heavier methods with the traditional lighter methods we have successfully used up to this point? Are there other opportunities for MD in addition to FECs? How can we in industry be more agile in incorporating and adapting academic advances into efficient and reliable best practices? In this webinar we will be showing how we are trying to tackle these questions within Orion, our Cloud-native collaborative scientific computing environment.

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