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Webinar: Orion® Overview

This Orion® Overview webinar, presented by Matt Geballe, VP, Cheminformatics, is available on-demand below (simply fill out the form to access). This was originally broadcast on August 31s, 2021.


This webinar introduces you to Orion®: OpenEye’s cloud-native platform for molecular design. With Orion®, you can access the combination of OpenEye’s proven science, with the performance and efficiency of cloud infrastructure.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Run ligand-based or structure-based screenings, protein simulations, free energy predictions, quantum mechanics calculations, and more from just a web browser
  • Integrate third-party or in-house tools
  • Collaborate with colleagues without file transfers and formatting
  • Leverage pre-built workflows or customize your own
  • Get fast, reliable results no matter the workload size or calculation intensity
  • Have full cost control by fine-tuning when and how your calculations run

At OpenEye, our focus is to provide you the best science and scale for molecular design. The combination of OpenEye’s scientific expertise and Amazon Web Services’ cloud technology accelerates your science and gives you the freedom to explore like never before. 

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