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Webinar: Orion 2020.2 Update

Webinar: Orion 2020.2 Update

This webinar will showcase the features – including Molecules as a Service – that are in the latest release of OpenEye’s Orion molecular design platform that now is available.

Your organization or project needs to engage in molecular design to discover and optimize active molecules but you or your team run into the following challenges regularly:

  • Organizing, annotating, or sharing the data gathered from disparate applications
  • Accessing and developing the latest and most robust scientific methods
  • Performing calculations at a variety of scales, from highly complex large-scale modeling all the way to intensive exploration of single molecules

With constrained resources, limited time, and more parts of your organization looking to you and your team for answers in finding and optimizing active molecules, OpenEye Scientific’s Orion molecular design platform – powered by the Cloud – can help you overcome those challenges and advance your molecular design process, enabling you to:

  • Search 2D and 3D molecules at high speed
    In seconds, sift through billions of molecules using a variety of 2D and 3D methods
  • Accelerate modeling calculations, aggregating data to streamline decisions
    Run complex calculations in minutes or hours instead of days, getting more accurate datasets to drive rapid development process decisions and accelerate results for your end customers
  • Seamlessly share data and manage projects
    Get a clearer view of your modeling efforts and share progress with key stakeholders

If you would like to learn more about Orion, please join us for a webinar “Orion v2020.2 Update,” in which Matt Geballe, PhD, VP of Product at OpenEye, will describe the latest updates in the Orion v2020.2 release, including updates and improvements to:

  • The Orion user interface, including Molecules as a Service and performance improvements
  • Floes and Floe Packages
  • Programming in Orion

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