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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

I am frequently being asked by our users whether OpenEye's licensing model allows them to run OpenEye software in the cloud. As this appears to be a common concern and a potential legal stumbling block for many groups, I want to make sure that our answer is unambiguous and clarified here.

The short answer to this question is YES!

It has always been OpenEye's stated belief that we want you to get as much usage out of our software as possible in order to do exceptional science in a manner uninhibited by artificial limitations. We do not believe in tokens or other arbitrary limitations on the number of allowed machines, processors or simultaneous jobs. In fact, we encourage you to use as much of the computing power at your disposal as you need. In addition, our site-wide licenses allow for unlimited usage by an unlimited number of users at the specified site. For smaller groups for whom a site license is less practical, we also offer user-specific licenses which allow for unlimited usage by the specifically named users.

I strongly encourage you to read our licensing philosophy for more specifics about our license models and how they might best fit your needs. Furthermore, we believe in fair and reasonable pricing without hidden charges or surprises which is why we post our prices online (although you do have to login first).

One of our most central and important goals as a company is to enable you to make a significant impact on the way that drugs are designed and subsequently developed. Imposing arbitrary limitations on usage is counter to this goal and we hope that you will join us in our pursuit of making a difference.