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OpenEye miniCUP 2020

OpenEye miniCUP 2020

The Fall 2020 miniCUP Events were held virtually in the Americas, Europe/Middle East/Africa and Asia/Japan.  To access Agenda details, click on the Full Agenda links below:

Our miniCUP series are single-day events that focus on topics of current scientific research, technology and solutions. Listen to OpenEye speaker presentations and learn about the latest updates on ORION, OpenEye's cloud platform. 

The Fall 2020 miniCUP agenda also included talks by guest speakers from Specifica, and Roundtable Discussions followed the conclusion of the main sessions. Live Q&A followed each talk.

Some of the Fall 2020 miniCUP talks included:

  • Ab Initio Prediction of Small-Molecule Crystal Structures  Hari Muddana
  • Molecules as a Service and Performance Improvements in Orion: Overview & Demo – Matt Geballe & Paul Hawkins
  • MD-Based Affinity Scores for Ligand Binding – Christopher Bayly
  • Antibody Engineering in the Orion Platform by Specifica – M. Frank Erasmus, Specifica

The Americas -  Full Agenda

Europe/Middle East/Africa - Full Agenda

Japan/Asia - Full Agenda

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